Review Ratings

Kitty’s Book Spot! loves all things feline.  (Especially Sanrio’s Hello Kitty.)  This is why we use a Kitty’s Paws UP or Kitty’s Paws DOWN rating system.  This is explained below:

Kitty’s Book Spot! uses a 5 paws up (or stars) rating system.

5kbspawup  5*‘s or 5/5 Paws UP = Excellent

4kbspawup4*‘s or 4/5 Paws UP = Pretty Good

3kbspawup3*‘s or 3/5 Paws UP = Good

2kbspawup2*‘s or 2/5 Paws UP = Fair

1kbspawup1* or a 1/5 Paws UP = Did Not Like


I post reviews on all KBS! mirror site locations.  I also post to Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Kobo, iBooks, BAM!, Barnes & Noble, & sometimes Smashwords, Alibri, Amazon UK, Tumblr, & Instagram.

Paws DOWN & DNF’s (Did Not Finish) will not be posted.  Author will receive email explaining why or what happened.  My blog only posts positive results as I will not post below 2* on KBS!

If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to PM me anytime.  These ratings are current for calendar year 2018.